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Astro's Top Secret
Astro's top secret title
Title Card
Season Season One
Original Air-Date December 9, 1962
Story By Tony Benedict
Directed By Joseph Barbera
William Hanna
Episode Chronology
Order in Series 12th in Season
Order in Season 12th in Series
Previous Episode "A Visit from Grandpa"
Next Episode "Las Venus"


When Spacely and Cogswell play golf they both argued with each other that they would the other out of business. Meanwhile George and Spacely is trying work out a plan to put Cogswells Cogs out of business. but when Astro accidently swallows Elroys flying car toy and can fly. Cogswell Cogs sends Harlen to spy on the Jetsons Skypad apartment and kidnaps their dog Astro who believes Astro discovered Anti-gravity and can fly.





Don Messick- Astro the Dog

Daws Butler- Cogswell

Mel Blanc- Cosmos Spacely

George O'Hanlon- George Jetson

Daws Butler- Elroy Jetson

Penny Singleton- Jane Jetson


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