Jane Jetson
Movie jane
In Jetsons: The Movie
Portrayed By Penny Singleton
Laurie Fraser
First Appearance "Rosey the Robot"
Last Appearance Jetsons: The Movie
Gender Female
Status Married
Residence Skypad Apartments
Race Human
Also Known As Janey
Romances George Jetson
Son(s) Elroy Jetson
Daughter(s) Judy Jetson
Other Family Astro, Rosey (maid), Orbitty
Jane Julie Jetson (born 2025) is the matriarch of the Jetson family. She and her husband George have two children, Judy and Elroy. She is 33 years old in the first episode of the series. She is head of Skypad Apartments' recycling company. Her mother has made appearances on the T.V. series. Her favorite pastime is shopping for new house gadgets. Jane is the ultimate space age housewife. She can make a mean meatloaf on her Food-a-Rac-a-Cycle and is an expert at shopping. Always ready to provide love and support for her husband and children, she knows just how to make the Jetson household run smoothly. Jane is obsessed with fashion and new gadgetry. Her favorite store is Mooning Dales. She is a dutiful wife who always tries to make life as pleasant as possible for her family. Outside of the home, she is a member of the Galaxy Women Historical Society and is a fan of Leonardo de Venus and Picasso Pia.



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