Lucy 2
Movie Lucy 2
Portrayed By Patti Deutsch
Appearance Jetsons: The Movie
Affiliations Rudy 2
Teddy 2

Lucy 2 is a robot, the wife of Rudy 2 and the mother of Teddy 2. She is voiced by Patti Deutsch.


Lucy 2 is a slender robot. She has a powder blue chrome for the head, face, neck, arms, fingers and stand that forms her leg. Her eyes are blue and she has a square or rectangular mouth that forms as a slot and has a line in the middle, separating the top from bottom when closed. The top of her head is designed as if she has short, blonde hair, with the top of it forming twists or buns worn in a red hair-band. She wears two red triangular earrings, a green dress with red collar, a red short sleeve around the side of each shoulder and two red ridges at the waist that could also make up a belt or waistband. Her hands are formed by red orbs and each has three fingers. Her slender arms are the same color as her fingers and have ridges. At the base of her stand forms an upper half-circle for the foot and at the bottom if it, there is a single, red wheel.

Jetsons: The Movie

After the Jetsons had arrived and settled at Intergalactic Garden Estates, Lucy 2 is the first to greet her new neighbors as part of the welcome band committee. She tells Jane that they'll meet her husband, Rudy 2, who works at the Spacely Sprockets factory within the asteroid, later. As well as then meeting her son, Teddy 2, eventually. After she and Jane see an upset Judy, who's lamenting over having moved and losing her chances at getting with Cosmic Cosmo to a friend, the three later go on a ladies day out shopping at the mall the next morning. After both families appear at George's promotion-to-vice-president-ceremony to support and cheer him on, and the two moms encourage Elroy and Teddy 2 to befriend each other, Jane and Lucy 2's sons suddenly go missing. Elroy and Teddy 2 have gotten left behind in the room where some of the sprockets are made, when the machine making them goes out of control and everyone else escapes to safety. They really become friends after Elroy comes to Teddy 2's aid, so much so that they even have a sleepover, following asking their mothers. She's seen again at the factory, when the Jetsons, the 2s, the Furbelows, Apollo Blue and the Grungees meet with Mr. Spacely for negotiations and a compromise concerning the factory that threatened to destroy the Grungees' domain and nearly succeeded in doing so. Towards the end, when the Jetsons leave to return to Earth, she's last seen with the others who gather to give them their send-off.


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