The Miss Solar System beauty pageant is held annually. It is presumably the top beauty contest in the Solar System. The talent portion of the pageant was self-admittingly used loosely as a term. It has been held in the Venus City Convention hall. The pageant is sponsored at least once by Spacely Sprockets. Contestants at least once represented the locations of: Saturn, Mars, Big Dipper, Satellite, Comet, and as a late entry Western Hemisphere [of Earth].

Year of Controversy

Cosmo Spacely and then George Jetson went under the disguise of "the Mystery Judge" to be the judge of this pageant, that same year Miss Western Hemisphere would win the crown. Upon winning Miss Solar System the winner must take her mask off. It was revealed it was Jane Jetson. The contest would end in uproar, the winner and the judge would be disqualified. Miss Mars would be awarded the crown instead.

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