Vital Statistics
Species Alien
Gender Male
Other Statistics
Affiliation Elroy Jetson
Production Details
Played by Frank Welker

Orbitty is an alien of an endangered species, which has spring legs and suction cup feet. He and his kind have the special ability to turn various colors, depending on their mood, such as red when angered or modest, blue when saddened, yellow when frightened, etc. Orbitty was picked up as an egg by Elroy Jetson. He hatched in the Jetson's house and then became a member of the Jetson family for the second and third season. He doesn't appear in any of the movies, however. Their special ability can also be useful for tracking something, though the range of colors they change is only limited to red and blue when doing so, as red indicates warm/hot and blue indicates cold. He also possesses some degree of technical knowledge, as he is able to take things apart and then put them back together again.



  • He only had a non-speaking, one episode cameo in season 3, after being so heavily introduced in season 2.

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