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You may also be looking for the episode called "Rosey the Robot."

In "Rosey the Robot"
Portrayed By Jean Vander Pyl
First Appearance "Rosey the Robot"
Last Appearance Jetsons: The Movie
Gender Female
Race Robot
Affiliations Jetson Family
U-Rent A Maid

Rosie Uniqua Jetson a robot and the maid and housekeeper of the Jetson family. Model XB-500 she is 59 years old in the series and 62 when judy died , she was born in 2000 , today she is 17 years old

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  • Beginning with Season Two the spelling of Rosie's name inexplicably changes to "Rosey" only to change back to the original spelling for Jetsons: The Movie. Both spellings are used interchangeably in other Jetsons media such as comic books.

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