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You may also be looking for the character, Rosey.

Rosey the Robot
Rosey robot title'
Season Season One
Original Air-Date September 23, 1962
Story By Larry Markes
Directed By Joseph Barbera
William Hanna
Episode Chronology
Order in Series 1st in Series
Order in Season 1st in Season
Previous Episode None
Next Episode "A Date with Jet Screamer"

Rosey the Robot is the first episode of the first season of The Jetsons.


Between malfunctions and pressing too many buttons, Jane wants a robot maid, but George can't afford it.








  • Flying car


George O'Hanlon George Jetson
Penny Singleton Jane Jetson
Daws Butler Elroy Jetson
Janet Waldo Judy Jetson
Jean Vander Pyl Rosey
Blanche Cog
Stella Spacely
Mel Blanc Cosmo S. Spacely



  • The first season did not originally have title cards, but comics and games contemporary to it give the robot's spelling as "Rosey." Title cards for Season One episodes were created after the introduction of Orbitty in Season Two.
  • Astro doesn't appear in this episode. He isn't introduced until "The Coming of Astro", five episodes later. Although he still appears in the end credits as he does in every episode.
  • Jane is thirty-three years old and Judy is fifteen. If there's a real chronology. then Jane got married to George and had Judy by the time she was at the rather young age of eighteen.
  • Mr. Spacely got married to Stella thirty years ago before the time of this episode.
  • Elroy is six and half years old.
  • This episode marks the first of many times throughout the series Mr. Spacely will fire George.
  • Mrs. Spacely took part in a womans' xenophobic protest group.

Animation mistakes

  • When Jane says to Judy she can't go swimming after school because it's too cold, she has long sleeves.
  • Jane's head goes through the chute when she looks down to ask George where he's going.