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Knuckles Nuclear He is the only criminal to have appeared in two episodes of The Jetsons--"The New Car" and "Jane's Driving Lesson".  In "The New Car", Knuckles was accompanied by a moll who looked like a doppleganger of Betty Rubble from The Flintstones and also carried a baby gas gun as a weapon.  In Knuckles' second appearance, it is implied that he broke out of prison to rob a local bank in Orbit City and is seen wearing attire different from his first episode. 

Mugsy Megaton

Seen in the original series finale, "Elroy's Mob", Mugsy Megaton was a mobster who employed a freeze gas gun as his weapon (as opposed to Knuckles Nuclear's baby gas gun).  Mugsy was accompanied by a not-very-bright accomplice, Microbe, and their unusually wacky gorilla sidekick, Chuckles. 

Mangler Mars

Seen in an episode of the revived Jetsons series, "Astro's Big Moment", Mangler Mars is the mobster who steals a dog named Starbite and enters it in the dog show, threatening George with death if Starbite doesn't win.  Mangler's catchphrase to his henchpeople is "Shut up while I'm ___________ ."  


Head of the enemy spy organization SNEAK, Skata-Hara mistakes George for being the legendary spy hero Space Bong; she, like Catwoman from the Batman universe, is a temptress who will use sexuality to accomplish her evil deeds. 


A tyrannical leader of the circus who uses his band of fleas as his slaves. 

Tiny Terror

A thief who comes into the Jetsons' home pretending to be a child, only to deprive them of their material possessions. 

Bad Bart Blaster

Appearing in the episode "High Moon", Bad Bart Blaster is a rogue space cowboy who makes life miserable for everyone living on an Old West-style planet. 

Jupiter Juggernaut

Appearing in "SuperGeorge" (the supposed pilot for Super Jetsons), the Jupiter Juggernaut is a gigantic green-and-purple alien with an angry temper who is SuperGeorge's opponent in the wrestling ring. 

The Gripfather

A take on "The Godfather"; seen in the episode "Crime Games".  The last known villain to appear in The Jetsons. 

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