"Won't You Fly Home, Bill Spacely" is a song from the 1962 Jetsons episode "Miss Solar System"

This song is performed by Jane Jetson in disguise as Miss Western Hemisphere when her robot musicians accompany her at the beauty contest. George Jetson is observing the song Jane is performing. After the performance George Jetson declares Jane Jetson in disguise the winner and asks her to take off the mask. When she does so Jane and George is shocked and surprised to see each other that the winner went to someone else in the beauty contest.


Won't you fly home, Bill Spacely? Won't you fly home? I miss you all day long

I'll push those buttons, darling While you relax I know I've done you wrong

Remember that rainy evening You blasted off A million miles to parts unknown

I know I've been mean But please make the scene Bill Spacely won't you please fly home

You're out there in space But who knows what place Bill Spacely won't you please fly Baby won't you please try Fly home Bill, fly home!


Won't You Fly Home, Bill Spacely? (with lyrics) - Jane Jetson02:50

Won't You Fly Home, Bill Spacely? (with lyrics) - Jane Jetson

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